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We are recruiting, mentoring, and retaining a talented and diverse workforce to drive performance to a new level in healthcare. We are Youth Medical Mentorship.


Youth Medical Mentorship collaborated with Hillcrest and Tulsa Tech to bring students from all over Tulsa to experience the future of medicine today! Our batch of potentials were exposed to hands-on teaching by experienced facilitators. The recruiting engine is alive and active this year with the Summer Summit 2024 on it's way! YMM is here to open doors and help pave the way for local future medical professionals.

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We partner with student organizations and the Union Service Education Foundation to raise funds for the summit with all the funding being tax deductible and portion of the funds going towards education and the student clubs.

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We partner with student organizations and the Union Service Education Foundation to raise funds for the summit with all the funding being tax deductible and portion of the funds going towards education and the student clubs.
Oklahoma's only youth mentorship that prioritizes opportunities in medicine!
Our Program is Driving a Storm of Opportunities for Students Across the Country — See the Impact for Yourself.
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Medical Schools

Youth Medical Mentorship

We take great pride in the impact we are able to create for individuals and our community through Youth Medical Mentorship. We stand out as the sole youth mentorship program in Oklahoma that empowers youth minds into the field of medicine.

Phase 1

Recruit K-12 students to the ideal health career for them based on providing positive experiences, exposures, and role models.
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Phase 2

Retain pre-med college students in healthcare pathways through direct mentorship, scholarships, and leadership opportunities.
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Phase 3

Maximize the career potential of change makers in the community by providing the skills, platforms, and networks to heal and educate one mentoring relationship at a time.
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For students and educational systems

After School Programming & Parent Book Clubs

We keep students interested in the health sciences through partnering with their science teachers and parents by introducing mentors early through after school programming. This is specifically at schools where other programs can connect and reinforce a sustainble pipeline for future healthcare professionals.

White Coat Hall of Fame

We connect schools with their alumni networks to portray various pathways for student success in the healthcare professions being seeing and meeting those who have found success before them. The White Coat Hall of Fame also provides the opportunity to honor the teachers and staff that mold future healthcare professionls in the community.

Internships & Shadowing Opportunities

By partnering with local hospital networks, YMM is able to establish and provide more real-world exposure for students to actively see the over 140 medical and 80 allied health professional careers to get a better idea of what their educational goals should be, what a future in healthcare looks like, and being able to establish mentors that can help mold a developing workforce.

Medical Conferences

Two YMM Summits will involve students meeting mentors at every stage of their own growth and an introduction to clinical skills. Near peer and long-term mentoring exisits as 7th-12th, college, medical students, residents, and attendings will all be at these events. There is also a larger BMWC Summit that is double in size and pulls students from the above interventions for sustained exposure

Guest Speaking

We partner with schools and events to provide positive experiences for students in medicine while also helping ensure schools can host science fairs, health fairs,summer camps, and STEM nights by having the resources and community involvement they need.
Upcoming Events

S Cubed: Igniting Curiosity in medicine

Unlock a world of possibilities with our exciting lineup of events designed to ignite your passion for the field of medicine. At Youth Medical Mentorship, we believe in shaping the future of healthcare by empowering young minds. Dive into the world of medicine with our upcoming events:
  • Science Fairs
  • Stem Nights
  • Shark Tanks

May 2024

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • YMM Union After School Program
  • YMM Monroe After School Programming
  • YMM Union After School Program
  • Youth Medical Mentorship Luncheons at Sequoyah
  • YMM Monroe After School Programming
  • YMM Union After School Program
  • YMM Monroe After School Programming
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looking to give back?

As medical professionals, we have the opportunity to inspire, guide, and nurture the next generation of healthcare leaders. Through mentorship, we can impart our knowledge, wisdom, and experiences, helping young minds flourish and contribute to the future of medicine. 


Volunteering consists of providing a short activity for 30 students in order to demonstrate a day in the life of a health professional!

Youth Summits

Interested in participating in our Spring, Summer, or Fall summit?! We would love to have you volunteer! Please find more information here.

Health Fair

Need to get your health business in front of hundreds of families? Sign up today to be a vendor at our next health fair!

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