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world's best human
I really like the tips he gave us and the inspirational speech to keep us motivated.
world's best human
By far one of my favorite presentations. He got his point across without making it super stressful. He gave great advise towards studying tips and strategies. I also enjoyed learning about his non-profit. I hope to shadow him one day and volunteer.
world's best human
I liked how he gave a reality check into what an EM does.
world's best human
Everything! Very helpful and informative. Many of the resources that he talked about have been implemented in my overall studying habits.
world's best human
I respect Dr.McNeil. He is a great guy. Loved his presentation. It really got me motivated.
world's best human
Dr. McNeil was a fantastic speaker and also provided great information. I especially liked that he gave study materials that weren't very pricey.
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