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To increase and sustain the representation of underrepresented youth along each critical checkpoint of the medical and allied health professional career pipeline. 
Chris Mcneil

A word from our founder

YMM is built to be a bridge for youth from communities traditionally underrepresented in healthcare to excel in the spaces and places that can inspire hope. Becoming competent and compassionate healthcare professionals is a by product of unlocked leadership potential in our communities.
Oklahoma's only youth mentorship that prioritizes opportunities in medicine!
Our Program is Driving a Storm of Opportunities for Students Across the Country — See the Impact for Yourself.
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Youth Medical Mentorship

We take great pride in the impact we are able to create for individuals and our community through Youth Medical Mentorship. We stand out as the sole youth mentorship program in Oklahoma that empowers youth minds into the field of medicine.
our vision 

We help you build your dream career

Take a peek at what we're doing in schools across the country. Your school could be next!
To add over $100 million to the Oklahoma economy over the next 10 years with evidence based recruitment
Our Timeline

Youth Medical Mentorship's History

Our Journey: Empowering Tomorrow's Medical Leaders


Chris McNeil (Our Founder)

• Takes MCAT for Second Time​

• Not Accepted to Medical School at time of College Graduation​

• NCAA Eligibility Expired​

• Started Masters in Entrepreneurship after meeting Entrepreneur/Physician Mentor (Dr. Rubin Pillay);and Business Guru Mentor - Dr. Michael Morris​

• Dr. Morris asked during interview what is a sign of wisdom? Answer: "To know what you don't know."- I graduated with a premed biology degree but knew nothing about how the world worked​

• First Master's Course in Cape Town, South Africa working in the African Townships- Without resources most people who need medical care cannot even access a physician much less even have their health as a priority​


Chris McNeil (Our Founder)

• Takes MCAT for Third Time​

• Not Accepted to Medical School for second time after completing Masters

• Taking night classes while working full time for Carrera Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program

• Mentor and success of college mentoring program landed job as Financial Literacy Instructor for Carerra

• Hospital Volunteer, Wrestling Coach, Personal Trainer, Bus Driver, Mow Yo Fro Owner

Youth Medical Mentorship Precursor

• 1st After School Program Created, Blue Chips, using older students to mentor younger students

• Experience and Exposure modeled via career field trips

• 1st Time Meeting Bryan Flores, Jennifer Fierro, and many other students interested in medicine

• 1st Time Attending MAPS Conference


Chris McNeil (Our Founder)

• McNeil passes MCAT

• Accepted to Bridge Program

• Start Medical School

• Moses is Born

• Became Albert Schweitzer Fellow

Youth Medical Mentorship Precursor

• Plan and implement MAPS Conference for other students

• Help host Health Fair at Eugene Fileds Elementary​

• Start Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Program at McLain, Young Tulsa Professionals, to empower students to battle food insecurity via workforce development​


Chris McNeil (Our Founder)

• Pass Level One Board exams​

• Lead SNMA and SOMA Medical School Organizations to impact local neighborhoods through programming

• Get involved with medical education legislation through SOMA in DC and Chicago​

• Madison is Born​

Youth Medical Mentorship Precursor

• Start Nathan Hale High School Health Professional Recruitment and Exposure Program (HPREP) and recruit medical students to help​

• Participate and support in other programming efforts by other medical students, Dr. Tomi Adewumi, at Central High School.​


Chris McNeil (Our Founder)

• Student Doctor of the Year Nominee, but beat by mentee! - Dr. Tomi Adewumi​

• Choose to do Emergency Medicine as Specialty​

• George Floyd Dies; Sparks growth of program, White Coats for Black Lives​

• Introduced to Black Men in White Coats and meet ER Mentor, Dr. Yakiji Bailey​

• BMWC Founder, Dr. Dale Okurududu asks to start BMWC Chapter in OK.​

Youth Medical Mentorship Precursor

• Dr. Erin Jackson and Dr. Alyssa create HPREP for Sankofa Elementary through Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Programming​

• Erin and Alyssa host science fair with combined white coat ceremony​


Chris McNeil (Our Founder)

• Nominated to served as a School Board Member for Union Public Schools​

• Third Black Male in Program History

Youth Medical Mentorship Precursor

• Start first BMWC Chapter in Tulsa under the Fiduciary Sponsor of the Tri-City Collection​

• First Black Male Physician Summit Hosted​


Chris McNeil (Our Founder)

• Start MPH Program during Intern Year​

• Launch Campaign to be elected for School Board and win​

•Only Black Male Emergency Medicine Resident in Oklahoma

Youth Medical Mentorship Precursor

• Revitalize Medical After School Clubs at High Schools​

• Host medical topic and career exposure to students at large school speaking engagements​

• Start Internships and Shadowing Programs at Surrounding Area Hospitals​

• Raise $1500 to host first Spring BMWC Mini Medical Summit with 65 students in attendance at Union​

• Partner with Large Hospital Network to launch 200 student summit in the Fall​

• Write $150,000 grant to hospital foundation to request funding to start Youth Medical Mentorship​


Chris McNeil (Our Founder)

• Become Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Board Member​

• Become Aspen Global Innovators Group Health Communities Fellow​

Nominated as a 2023 Tulsan to Watch​

Youth Medical Mentorship is Born

• Write Letter of Recommendation for Bryan Flores who gets accepted to medical school!​

• $600,000 raised for YMM Programming in 10 months​

• Launch YMM After School Program​

• Add a summer summit to amass for 3 Summits a year and over 855 students impacted​

• Create 21 jobs in the Tulsa Area.​

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