Youth medical mentorship

Meet Our Team

Some of the greatest minds in Tulsa assembled to empower future health professionals.

Dr. Chris McNeil, DO

Executive Director, Founder
Dr. Christopher McNeil, our accomplished Executive Director, also serves as an Emergency Medicine Resident Physician at the Oklahoma State University Medical Center. His dual roles reflect his dedication to both leadership and hands-on patient care, contributing to the excellence of our medical program and ensuring the well-being of our patients.

Jake Cleveland, MHA

Program Coordinator
Jacob Cleveland, a diligent Program Coordinator, holds the role of Healthcare Administrator at SSM Health. His organizational skills and expertise in healthcare administration contribute significantly to the efficient operation of our healthcare facility, ensuring the highest quality of care for our patients.

E'ula Green, LMSW

Program Coordinator
E'ula Green, a dedicated Program Coordinator, brings her unique expertise as a Social Worker and Midwife to her role at Healthy Steps-OU Physicians. Her combined skills and compassionate approach play a crucial role in providing comprehensive care and support to our patients and their families, enhancing their overall well-being.

Fahad Mohammad

Education Director
Fahad Mohammad, a committed Education Director, serves as a Union Educator within the Union Public Schools system. His leadership and dedication to education make him a driving force behind the success of our educational programs, ensuring a bright future for our students.

Dr. Yakiji Bailey, DO

Program Director
Dr. Yakiji Bailey, a dedicated member of the Board of Directors, serves as the VA Emergency Medicine Program Director at the Jack C Montgomery VA Hospital. His leadership and commitment to the field make him a valuable asset to the organization, ensuring the highest standard of emergency medical care for our veterans.

Paul Delgado, ScM

Program Director
Paul Delgado, a dedicated member of the Board of Directors, is also a diligent Medical Student at the Oklahoma State Center for Health Sciences. Her commitment to both governance and medical education underscores her passion for advancing healthcare practices and ensuring the growth of future healthcare professionals.

Dr. Jabraan Pasha, MD

Program Director
Dr. Jabraan Pasha, a distinguished member of the Board of Directors, holds the position of VP of Health Equity at Juno Medical. His leadership and focus on health equity initiatives demonstrate a commitment to addressing healthcare disparities and ensuring that Juno Medical continues to provide inclusive and accessible care to all.

Carolina Morris, MS

Program Director
Carolina Morris, a valuable member of the Board of Directors, serves as the Director of Government Relations at Hillcrest Medical Center. Her expertise in government relations and advocacy plays a vital role in advancing our healthcare initiatives and ensuring that we continue to provide high-quality medical services to our community.

Dr. Sharon Smallwood, MD

Program Director
Dr. Sharon Smallwood, a dedicated member of the Board of Directors, is a highly respected Family Medicine Physician within the Cherokee Nation. Her medical expertise and commitment to the community's well-being make her an invaluable asset, ensuring that our healthcare services align with the highest standards of care.

Dr. Nicole Washington, DO

Program Director
Dr. Nicole Washington, a dedicated member of the Board of Directors, is a renowned Psychiatrist and CEO of Elocin Psychiatry Services. Her leadership and expertise in mental health services are instrumental in guiding our organization, ensuring that we provide comprehensive and compassionate psychiatric care to those in need.

Hana Clancy, AT

Program Director
Hana Clancy, a committed member of the Board of Directors, is an esteemed Athletic Trainer at Oral Roberts University. Her dedication to sports medicine and athlete well-being contributes significantly to our athletic program's success and ensures the health and performance of our student-athletes.

Dr. Roger Kollock, PhD, AT, CSCS

Program Director
Dr. Roger Kollock, a respected member of the Board of Directors, is a distinguished TU Professor at the University of Tulsa. His expertise in academia and commitment to education play a pivotal role in advancing our institution's mission and ensuring a high standard of learning for our students

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