Talent Pools

Talent Pools

Deep Practice, Ignition, and Master Coaching are the ingredients to developing a talent hot spot according to author Daniel Coyle. In this book his goes into several different professions as examples of how these three major principles can develop a well-spring of talent when applied in the appropriate context. Does a talent code also exist for Medicine? If we were to look at prominent medical professionals and track them over the course of their career, could we find unique similarities tracing back to a certain neighborhood, school, or coach?

Addressing these questions requires much more than curiosity, it also requires a great deal of access to stories, data, and the understanding to sort the the cultural underpinnings in a community to identify the unsung heroes and success stories!

What is the return of investment of a black male physician in a certain zip code, Hispanic female becoming a program director in a specific neighborhood, or first generation Zumi speaking provider leading a task force for quality improvement within a large operational department of hospital outreach and communications. Diversity can be seen as a performance metric for businesses rather than a cultural crusade, but several dynamic shifts need to occur for DEI efforts to be truly optimized. Data, perceptions, and champions are all necessary to create a societal shift on how we value our healers and wrap the community around their identification and growth into community catalysts.

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